Early Bird Groom Appointments

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Purrs & Gurrs is very proud to offer our grooming services seven days a week because we understand the busy lives of most pet-owners. Because of your busy daily schedule, we’re pleased to now offer 7am grooming appointments on select days. Call and book today and have your pup at the spa before you have to be at work! 317.577.2555 

Siblings Discounted Daycare

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Purrs & Gurrs is pleased to offer a new sibling discount for doggies enrolled in our Central Bark Doggy Day Care.

When you bring in two dogs for an all-day visit, the first pup is $20, and any additional sibling dog is now only $15! These rates include all-day supervision (from 8:00a-6:30p), multiple potty-breaks/walks, treats, fresh clean water, and plenty of playtime!

You’ll love the way your pups play all day with us and sleep for you when they get home, as a tired doggy is a well-behaved one! Call today! 317.577.2555


Rebook Early to Save 10%

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Our professional, academy-trained groom staff recommends keeping your dog on a regular, six to eight week groom schedule. This helps maintain coat condition, hygiene, and presentation, especially for those fluffy and fine-haired breeds that tend to matt or knot easily. Purrs & Gurrs loves to see you and your doggy for a spa day, so at the time of check-out, make sure you rebook your next groom appointment for up to 6 weeks out, you’ll receive 10% off your pup’s next hairdo!